Assessment is a vital tool for helping children make progress in their learning. Not only does it allow teachers to identify individual pupil needs, but also curricular and whole school areas for development.

Assessment, recording and reporting information is used in our school by all staff and Academy Councillors to identify the priority areas in our school development and improvement plans. Core subject coordinators and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo) utilise data and target setting to identify areas of concern in their subjects, as do class teachers. 

At Durrington, we believe that assessment, recording, reporting and target setting should:

  • Be both formative and summative.
  • Be a tool to enhance learning.
  • Offer all pupils an opportunity to show what they know, understand and can do.
  • Be part of a continuous cycle for all learning to evaluate and inform future planning and teaching for all learners in the class.
  • Be ongoing and part of everyday activities in every lesson.
  • Help pupils to understand what they can do to improve.
  • Involve children with their own learning – self-assessment.
  • Drive SEND Support Passports and Annual Reviews for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).
  • Support monitoring of the curriculum planning.
  • Develop clear, focused learning intentions.
  • Inform parents about their child’s progress and important next steps.


How we assess pupil's achievements:

  • Have clear focused  success criteria that we share with the children.
  • Ensure that all pupils know what they have to achieve in the session and give them opportunities in each lesson to share success criteria.
  • Regularly provide pupils with the opportunity to reflect and talk about their learning and progress.
  • Use peer and self-assessment.
  • Use a range of assessment methods – observations, listening, questioning, assessing/annotating of work, specific tasks, problem-solving activities and administering tests and scrutiny of work.
  • Set clear, achievable and measurable targets for pupils through marking
  • Use assessment to inform planning for individuals, groups, class and school as part of ongoing, daily activities.

Please click below to read more detail in our Assessment Policy. 


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