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Our Curriculum

At Durrington All Saints we strive to offer parents and carers as much information as possible about the curriculum.

Our curriculum is rooted in our vision and ethos which arises from the biblical teaching:

‘With God’s guidance; sowing the seeds of success; nurturing and inspiring pupils and adults to flourish.’

As a church school, we aim to provide opportunities to recognise and develop every aspect of the individuals in our community – physical, mental and spiritual, leading to our mission statement: ‘Together we grow, we learn, we thrive’. Our ethos and mission explains how we, as a school community, have chosen to aim high without limits in both our learning and development, taking on risks and challenges together.

From this foundation come our core Christian values – Respect, Perseverance, Hope, Honesty  and Love. In whatever learning, lesson or activity in which the children are engaged, we endeavour to promote these key values. Our vision, ethos and values are the starting blocks from which we develop and deliver our curriculum.

At Durrington, we offer a curriculum which is rooted in high-expectations and ambition for all our pupils, and which is fully interwoven with our vision and values and our Christian ethos. Our primary goal is to deliver richly connected knowledge and skills which equip our pupils for their futures, in education and in life.  

Our curriculum is planned sequentially, with key knowledge, vocabulary and skills mapped out to a granular level, ensuring both the teachers and the pupils are clear with what they are expected to learn, how they will learn and, crucially, why it is important to learn.  

Through our curriculum, we aim to broaden the children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world, providing academic rigor in English, Mathematics and Science. Our pupils should also have opportunities to experience and express themselves through arts, music and design, as well as participating in high-quality sport and P.E, alongside Worship and a daily focus upon our vision and values.  

We want our pupils at Durrington to have great pride in their school. Our curriculum therefore promotes the importance of spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils. In summary, our curriculum sits at the heart of our vision so that together we can grow, learn and thrive. 


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National Curriculum Guidance (Primary) 14th Mar 2023 Download
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