It is our policy that all children should wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. 

Uniform helps to develop a sense of identity and equality between children and reinforces the high expectations we have in the school. 

Please clearly mark all items of school uniform with your child’s name, as we cannot be responsible for lost items.

School uniform 
  • Grey/Black trousers (short or long) or grey skirt/pinafore

  • During the summer months, girls may wear a blue gingham dress or playsuit

  • White polo shirt with school logo (from School Trendsor without school logo 

  • Plain grey, black, white or navy socks/tights

  • Blue school sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (from School Trendsor a plain blue sweatshirt or cardigan

PE Kit
  • Plain blue cotton t-shirt

  • Plain blue shorts or leggings

  • Black daps or trainers for outdoor activities 

  • In the winter, they can wear a plain sports jumper either black, or in the colour of their house and plain black leggings or tracksuit bottoms

Hair, Nails, Jewellery And Valuables


  • Children should have an appropriate haircut - these should not include tram lines, patterns or areas where hair has been excessively shaved

  • Long hair should be tied back

  • Children should not come to school with painted nails

  • We prefer children not to wear jewellery. Earrings should be a small plain stud or sleeper. Children need to be able to remove jewellery for PE or they will be taped over to prevent injury

  • Valuable items should not be brought to school. If they are, they must be given to the teacher to take care of

  • The school does not accept responsibility for valuable items that are in children's possession

  • Please ensure that all clothing is plain and not branded (e.g. sports brands)
  • All items without the school logo on are readily available from high street stores
  • Items with a school logo are available from School Trends

Click here to visit the school trends website